I don’t know about all of you, but I have certainly had some financial ups and downs in my life. I’ve gone through times of abundance and times of drought. During the ups, I allowed my self-esteem to rise. During times of drought, my self-esteem plummeted. During the abundance, I was grateful to the Universe, but during the droughts, I was frustrated and angry at the universe for not putting money in my bank. Little did I know, having a financial drought WAS assisting me. It was actually a good thing for me to NOT have a generous cash flow.

Now I know you are probably wondering how not having money is a good thing? Believe me, I didn’t think it was a good thing while I was experiencing it. But in order for me to get out of the ebb and flow of money and always be in the flow, I needed to go through the times of lack.

I remember standing at my kitchen counter having an argument with God and the universe at 3 AM about my frustration with the unfairness of my money struggles. After over an hour of yelling at God for not helping me out of my dire straits, I raised my fists and shouted ( I’m sure the neighbors were thrilled) at God, “Why am I always so frustrated over money?” The still small voice of the divine replied, “Exactly, why are you?”  It hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh my God, I’m frustrated over money because the energy I am putting out is frustration. So, the universe is giving me what I am putting out!  That was it. In that moment, my realization changed everything. I started focusing on what I had, not on what I didn’t have. I started filling my days with gratitude at the abundance of joy I had. I woke up every day and stood in my hallway looking at my home, just being grateful for what I had, not ungrateful for what I didn’t.

In that moment, I stopped feeling like a victim over money. The final realization that I was in charge, not the universe, they were just giving me what I had asked them to give…frustration. After that awakening I found three ways to continue my money energy flow. I wanted to share with you a brief three step process that I took to change it from a negative to a positive money flow.

  1. Inner child’s thoughts about money.

Make a list of all the conversations or thoughts your parents had with you about money.  For example, when I would say to my father that I wanted something he would yell at me that “Wanting is a sin.”  I’m afraid his religious beliefs came out around money. Not a real positive attitude to hand down to your kid.

Take a little time to try to remember your family’s money belief system. Did they think in terms of lack? Did your overhear them or feel them worry about there not being enough?  Write down in a column what you remember from your parents attitude about money. Then in another column write down what you want to believe instead. Write down positive thoughts of abundance. Like,  “I always have more than I need. I am grateful because I have more than I need. I am surrounded by abundance. I have so much money, I don’t know what to do with it all.” Get creative! Come up with some fun ways to think about it.

  1.  Unexpected income.  

Thank God or the universe every day for unexpected income. Celebrate money rolling in. Stop trying to figure out the “how” of it coming, and just focus on the fact that it is indeed coming. Every time you spend money say in your mind, “Every dollar I spend, comes back to me doubled or tripled.”

  1.  Gratitude.

Wake up every day and focus on what you have. Think about your friends, family or loved ones and feel gratitude for them being in your life. Look at the roof over your head, and thank the universe for it. Go outside and hug a tree. Feel grateful for the beauty of nature that God created for you. If you have a cat or dog, let them know of the love you have for them, and feel it back from them. Be grateful for food in your fridge. Be grateful that you have a bed to sleep on. Hold money in your hand and be grateful for what you have.  

This gratitude coupled with new beliefs, and no negative thoughts about money will create an energy that the universe will duplicate by sending you more things for you to be grateful for instead of things to be frustrated about.

  1.  Laugh

This one really needs no explanation but the more energy you focus on laughing and being joyful the more joyful creations will come your way.  Laughter and gratitude were the two most significant emotions that took away frustration and fear over money.  

This is just a simple reminder of what you probably already know to be true!