About Pamela

Pamela Beaty is an acclaimed empathic intuitive, spirit medium, energy healer, and past-life therapist. She is a noted teacher and lecturer in those fields, as well as a writer and published author. Pamela’s extraordinary gift has been with her since her early childhood growing up in Missouri, as she has long had the unique ability to see and communicate with spirits.

Her innate intuitive healing ability of “seeing” inside a client’s energy system enables her to guide, propel and transform their person journey. Her unique talent helps unravel the blocks that challenge us all, whether it is difficulties in relationships, career or the physical body. She puts the pieces of the puzzle of our complicated lives together, by illuminating any situation, creating the confidence to heal and accelerate moving forward.

Pamela’s clients run the gamut from stay at home moms to business professionals, to celebrities, to VIP’s, to singles and married couples. She has assisted law enforcement personnel as well as the victim’s families’ in solving crimes. Pamela’s insight into discovering the source of pain, be it from this lifetime or another, brings about profound transformation, healing and inner peace.

Her Midwest sensibilities lend themselves to her unpretentious and down to earth style. She realizes that the world of spirit can be intimidating and frightening as well as challenging to the skeptics. Her work integrates her forthright and down to earth approach to life, compassion and clarity combined with her ease and humor, gently lifts the taboo off the metaphysical.